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We offer comprehensive translation services of various text types, especially:

  • technical and scientific texts (manuals, technical descriptions)
  • texts related with building industry
  • legal texts (contracts, analyses, reports)
  • economic texts (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement)
  • texts related with the European Union
  • advertising texts (leaflets, catalogues)
  • websites.

No matter how complex and specialized the source text is, we guarantee the same price.

Price list (net prices)

Translation from English into Polish

1 page = 32,00 PLN

Translation from Polish into English

1 page = 34,00 PLN

Translation from German into Polish

1 page = 34,00 PLN

Translation from Polish into German

1 page = 36,00 PLN

Other languages

We also translate from other European languages: French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, etc. Prices are discussed with each customer individually.

Standard page of translated text includes 1500 characters (letters, spaces, punctuation marks etc.)

The prices are calculated for a regular translation = 5 pages a day.

If a translation comprises 6 - 10 pages a day, its price increases by 25%.

In case of an express translation, that is 11 and more pages a day, the price increases by 50%.

Mission impossible? – If translation is required on the same day (up to 5 pages), its price increases by 100%.

You are invited to take advantage of our unique offer with substantial reductions in price.
If you decide to cooperate with our company on a regular basis, we will offer you a regular discount.

Delivery of documents

We wish to offer you maximal convenience at the delivery and receiving of documents.
For this reason, we suggest the following solutions:

  • The documents can be sent to our company by e-mail on the following e-mail address:
  • Texts can also be delivered in a printed version or in the form of a file recorded on CD/DVD.
    They can be mailed or delivered in person.

We will be satisfied to learn that our offer suits you.

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